Introduction of grout sealant

Introduction of grout sealant

The high performance of the grout sealant is a new type of admixture composed mainly of inorganic functional materials and then compounded with organic polymer functional materials. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and does not contain chloride or other corrosive ingredients.

The product has multiple functions such as high-efficiency water reduction, enhancement, plastic preservation and reduction of bleeding. At the same time, the product can cause moderate expansion to compensate for the shrinkage of the hardened cement mixture in different periods.
This product is suitable for cement slurry, mortar and concrete grouting materials, and is especially suitable for the construction of post-tensioned cemented pre-stressed concrete channel grouting materials in large projects such as railways, highways, bridges, and nuclear power plants.

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Pre-sales Support

Pre-sales Support

1. Design consultation 2. Drawing review 3. Sealant recommendation 4. Substrate experiment: compatibility test, adhesion test, pollution test 5. Solution (sealant seam decoration)

In-sales Support

In-sales Support

1. Construction training 2. Process supervision 3. Special treatment 4. Rubber cutting spot check

After-sales Support

After-sales Support

1. Issuing quality assurance documents 2. Project return visits


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Jointas Chemical is listed company specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale of Eco-friendly silicone sealant, thermal paste and water based paints&coatings founded in 1989, China.

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What are the characteristics of grouting sealant?

①Early-strength and high-strength pouring, the strength is as high as 30Mpa 1-3 days after pouring, shortening the construction period;
②The self-liquid site only needs to add water and stir, and directly pour into the equipment foundation, the mortar flows by itself, and the construction is vibration-free to ensure vibration-free, long-distance grouting construction;
③The micro-expansion pouring body has no shrinkage in long-term use, to ensure that the equipment and the foundation are in close contact, and there is no shrinkage between the foundation and the foundation, and the appropriate expansion pressure stress ensures the long-term safe operation of the equipment;
④Oil resistance is increased by more than 10% after being immersed in engine oil for 30 days, and the molded body is compact, impermeable, and adaptable to engine oil pollution and environmental protection;
⑤The main difference between grout sealant and cement is the low water-to-binder ratio, superplasticizer and mineral fine admixture, which changes the cement stone.

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What users say about JOINTAS

The sealant has a fine texture and no bubbles, and the taste is very small. It is very convenient to use and dries very fast. The instructions are very detailed. The effect is good after using it.


The packaging of this product is very good, very strict, and the design is very scientific.


The product I bought is really good. The other ones I bought before have a lot of particles in it. They are not smooth to the touch. I don’t know how to use it, and the beauty stitches I bought make it. I really don’t have to say.


The effect is very good! The smell is very small, almost no smell during construction.


The quality is very good. I made it at home by myself. It's okay. The effect is good. The quality is indeed better than the price bought in other stores.


The smell is very small, the gel is translucent, it is smooth to use, and it dries quickly. The anti-mildew effect needs time to test.

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Ensure that the depth of the sealant is not greater than the width. If the gap between the two substrates is large, it is necessary to insert moldings to improve the performance of the sealant. Use a suitable tool to smooth the sealant to make the surface more beautiful; at the same time, the sealant is pressed into the joint surface to help eliminate air pockets or voids in the adhesive layer.

The area of the substrate in contact with the sealant must be kept clean, dry, and free from dust, dirt, rust, grease, and other contaminants. Non-porous substrates must be cleaned with a clean white lint-free cotton cloth and solvent. Before the residual solvent evaporates, wipe it off with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible. Before sizing, cut the nozzle of the rubber tube first, install the glue nozzle, and cut the nozzle to the required size. The sealant can be coated in dots or layers, and needs to be exposed to moisture in the air to cure.

Acidic system: Acidic silicone sealant has excellent adhesion to the surface of common substrates in bathrooms or kitchens such as glass or ceramics. Neutral system: When sealing metal, plastic or concrete substrates, a neutral sealant must be used. Neutral silicone sealant is particularly suitable for non-corrosive sealing of connection joints and expansion joints.

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