Antas-636 MS Anti Acuan Sanitary Sealant

Packaging : 300mL/Cartridge

Antas-636 is one-component, high modulus, neutral, room temperature curing modified silane sealant with 20 class displacement capacity. It has excellent anti-microbial and mildew proofing is safe and environmentally friendly with low VOC, non-toxicity. And it characterized in good weatherproof, no corrosion and good surface painting feasibility. Antas 636 is widely used on anti-microbial and mildew proofing indoor decoration glazing, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, with good adhesion to tile, glass, metal, stone and concrete.
Product manual
Antas 636 is an one-component MS hybrid anti mould sanitary sealant for bathroom, kitchen and home decoration. It shows the long-lasting anti mould and fungus effects an ultra low VOC releasing which is an ideal material for healthy decoration applications.
Product feature
1.Excellent mechanical property: 20 class high modulus, longlasting anti-mildew ability.
2.Excellent adhesion to most decoration materials.
3.Good anti-aging and weatherproof ability.
4.Environment friendly, ultralow VOC, odor free.
5.Can be painted over with most surface coatings (compatibility tests recommended).
Main purpose
1. Sealing for indoor kitchen and bathroom decoration.
2. Sealing and Closing edge for corners of indoor decoration.
Standards compliant
ISO 16000
GB/T 1741-2007
GB 18583-2008