antas-165 Sealant Silikon Dua Komponen untuk Kaca Penebat (IGU)

Packaging : A+B: 189L+19L; 19L+1.9L
Brand : antas

antas-165 is two-component, non-structural, neutral-curing sealant for insulating glass. It is used as the secondary sealing in an insulating glass unit. It has good adhesion to most building materials without corrosion or stain to metal, glass, concrete, marble and etc. It has excellent weathering performance with over 15 years’ service life-time under general environment. 
Product feature
1. The curing speed can be adjusted. It is suitable for continuous processing for both automatic and manual production lines with fast curing speed.
2. Neutral curing with no corrosion to metal, coated glass or other building materials.
3. Good weathering performance in the resistant to ozone and UV radiation.
4. Excellent performance within broad temperature range. The cured sealant will not turn brittle, hardened or cracked at -50º C. It will not turn soft or deteriorated, but will keep good strength and flexibility at 150º C.
5. Good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants.
Main purpose
1. Structural bonding of glass curtain wall.
2. Structural bonding of other curtain walls.
3. Bonding for industrial purpose or other buildings.
4. Secondary sealing of insulating glass.
Standards compliant
Technical parameters
Number Test items Measured value
1 Appearance Even, exquisite paste, No bubble, no skinning, no gel
2 Density Part A 1.47 g/cm3
Part B 1.03 g/cm3
3 Sag degree Horizontalmm No deformation
Verticalitymm 0
4 Tack free timeh 2
5 Applicable period 49 min
6 Hardness, Shore A 40
7 Elasticity recovery rate 93%
8 Tensile adhesion Tensile strength 0.69MPa
Elongation at largest tensile strength 76%
Damage area of bonding 0%
9 Adhesion at constant load No destruction
10 Tensile adhesion after water & UV-radiation Tensile strength 0.53MPa
Elongation at largest tensile strength 216%
Damage area of bonding 0%
11 Tensile adhesion after hot-air aging Tensile strength 0.85MPa
Elongation at largest tensile strength 87%
Damage area of bonding 0%
12 Mass loss rate 1.3%
13 Moisture vapor transmission rate
(GB 29755-2013)
11.32 g/(m2·d)
14 Moisture vapor transmission rate
(EN 1279-4:2018)
12.0 g/(m2·d)
Use restrictions
Antas-165 silicone sealant for insulating glass should not be applied:
1. As the primary or single seal in an insulating glass unit.
2. In structural glazing applications.
3. In totally confined spaces.
4. On the surface of substrate that bleeds oil, plasticizer or solvent and so on(such as impregnated wood).
5. In contact with or exposed to sealants that liberate acetic acid.
6. In continuous water immersion or on the surface with fog, or wet surface, or in continuous wet place.
7. When substrate surface temperature beyond 40º C or below 10º C.
8. Surfaces in direct contact with food.